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Are art galleries more likely to harbor predatory poop mummy fetish hipsters?

Updated: Mar 17

I forgot what this article started off as but this is the best way to keep from being blown too far out of my timeline..... It's not that I don't feed my ego with fantasies of fame and fortune and groupies with tubs of whipped cream I just don't want to be seen anywhere the current art world goes, it offends me with its price tag hierarchy and political agendas but mostly because it's fucking stale garbage stuck in a stalled century where one long hundred years of putting random blobs on a canvas without learning the classical tradition first is enough- modern art one hundred years later isn't modern its a lazy excuse to justify arts programs in colleges that need to churn out new art teachers and perpetuate the idea that fine art is a childish fantasy but dreams do come true etc instead of it being an industry where you can manufacture satisfactory genuine art with solid building and design principles. The fancy people in your town deliberately make art galleries seem cryptic and elitist to keep the riff raff out no one ever says 'I'm really bored with this same ass shit, canvases on the wall with a price tag and a manifesto made by people ***this writing sux -quick! add some ladies dancing in 1980's style underwear!***

Image replaced with ladies dancing in their underwear by the artist/ The origina;l image was Jacob Marley with his chains from one of the movies as An artist with his CV and manifesto to justify what a child's eyes would say was ok then wish someone painted a whole wall of horses and fairies instead

who lug a Jacob Marley chained CV of justification and obedience to an arbitrary world of relative beggars exchanging mostly mediocre at best trinkets that can then be used to launder money right in front of the public and worse, an excuse for bored rich people to be hedonistic under the guise of fine art instead of putting that energy into beautifying the public space for their children and all children,

Me and my Pekin big mural - Why did Preston just turn around when he saw it? I was right there!!

and while there may not be much of a difference to the average 'reaction video' actor between a GG Allin performance and Spirit Cooking there is a huuuuuuuge fucking difference to me.

epic mural and cool dude air guitaring
You should be able to live, go live an air guitar in front of your epic mural at home! I always demand this luxury!

I'm not part of any scene. I do my own thing. My mind is a machine gun, my body is the bullets, the audience is the target. - GG Allin - performance artist and damn good song writer who Reality itself, a force created by the collective unconscious, not just some chickenhawk money changers in a record company trying to cash in upon fresh talent but the ying and yang of wanted to turn into another Billy Idol or Ramones, not that there's anything wrong with them but their brand of music couldn't express GG to the fullest extent of his personality, his parameters were further apart - his scope of perception was not gated by cultural mores and taboos and with his actions he pushed the limit of what he could manifest as a direct reflection from this matrix.

I'm no GG Allin, I'm far simpler, but the idea of being free to run an idea into the ground as GG did with the darker side of his imagination is important to me as otherwise you end up with the Devo-ification of art where only one thing you did, your hit single, ends up being all the majority of people know about you - look, Devo, as whole, is hardly represented by the song Whip It and you know it as you probably have a favorite band where you cringe at the mention of something overly unrepresentative of the glory of how you see them.

You won't be a great artist by copying Vincent Van Gogh - it's been done to death - you'll bring joy and happiness and cover boring walls with beauty, perhaps fame and fortune will come your way but you won't be a great artist, not like Tiepolo, not like GG Allin, and you, reader in the future, don't have to be as your parameters are not so extreme, the art world can work for you and it's full of competent intelligent people who, unfortunately say things like "Art is a universal language".

Art, as it is in galleries and modern art museums in the western world, is not a universal language - it's letters from the language scrambled together so the patterns of the letters looks different, or pleasing or something but you have to learn to use the letters to make words to say it is a language, we all have to agree that an apple is an apple - i don't know that the green blob over there represents an apple - why didn't you make it look like an apple if you wanted me to know it was an apple - i like the green blob but it doesn't translate to the word apple in my language, you could have practiced painting that bowl of fruit like the painting teacher said to instead of deciding that you were an 'abstract' painter - you aren't! you have to be able to render something first to be abstracting from it - abstract means take away from - you are just daubing paint as a placeholder for an idea then using some fancy-pants philosophy to justify why it doesn't look like an apple but somehow expecting me to understand your universal visual language? - only realism is a universal art language - as we have eyes - we know what an apple looks like!

Society has turned realism into almost an elitist choice for painters, like buying a Mac instead of a PC but it's just the entry level step of this universal language. Realism, as a method of painting in the classical tradition has enough to combat with the lazy-ass 'modern' art but it is most savagely attacked by extreme realism when presented as fine art - look, if it looks too real what's the point - you could just use Photoshop or a camera to get the same effect - you want realism in fine art so you know the language but not photo-realistic imagery or what's the point of painting the image at all, just print out a polished up photograph instead.

Some murals I did a year or so ago to celebrate cannabis becoming legal where I live with some fairy magic added!

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